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Why is Home Ventilation Important?

Many local north Brisbane residents don’t realise the importance of proper home ventilation and that the area under their houses need ventilation too. Because we don’t actually go down there, we aren’t aware of the poor air quality. However, it’s still very important. Issues with under house ventilation, have an impact on your home’s environment. This area is called the sub floor or under floor space and is often overlooked because we don’t actually live down there. Despite that, the sub floor massively affects air quality inside your home indoors and if you don’t have enough vents, you could be putting the health of your loved ones at risk. Our local electricians have heard to often about people’s health being negatively impacted by poor subfloor ventilation.


Lots of homes actually don’t have much subfloor ventilation which can cause moisture in the sub floor to accumulate. This situation can cause serious problems in your Brisbane northside or North Lakes home including the buildup of mould, wood rot and structural weakness in your property. Inadequate sub-floor ventilation has the ability to create serious health problems for your home’s occupants such as asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Our local Brisbane electricians know that there are many reasons why your under floor ventilation may be inefficient including not having an adequate number of vents, having vents that are too small for your home’s size or having a poor venting layout. With so many renovations occurring throughout North Brisbane, especially around North Lakes, these extensions as well as the types of soil found in these locations can all cause serious problems in your subfloor.


When moisture builds up under your north Brisbane or Sunshine Coast home, you’ll probably notice a strong musty smell or sunken floorboards as a result of rotting timber and mould growth. Mould grows as a result of high humidity inside your home and can lead to serious illnesses. That’s not all. Termites also love making nests in damp or rotten timber. Our licensed electricians recommend preventing moisture from accumulating in your Brisbane or Sunshine Coast home and fixing problems early will stop you and your family getting sick and protect your property. Ensuring your home has adequate sub floor ventilation is essential to avoiding these issues.


Best Types of Home Ventilation System


Besides not understanding the importance of sub floor ventilation for the health and structural integrity of their homes, our electricians have found that most people on Brisbane’s northside or on the Sunshine Coast are completely in the dark about the different home ventilation systems to provide solutions. There are subfloor ventilation guidelines and information available on the Association of Building Consultants website as well.  There are actually three main types of home ventilation that Blue Electrical often install, including:


Sub Floor Ventilation Exhaust System

This home ventilation system work by sucking out more stale moist air from the underfloor space than the amount of fresh air that is blown in. When our professional electricians undertake this type of home ventilation installation, we add just one fan to supply fresh air whereas we’ll install two sub floor exhaust fans to expel stale air out the through the vents. This system creates a vacuum as old stale air gets removed from the sub floor area and fresh air naturally fills the void. Negative pressure is created in your under floor space as a result of unbalanced air flow. With this system, our home ventilation system installers will plan the most suitable location to expel moist air which is usually at the lowest parts of your home’s wall.


Subfloor Supply Ventilation System

This type of under floor ventilation system works oppositely to the above exhaust ventilation system. Whereas the former creates negative pressure, sub floor supply systems build up positive pressure by using mechanical ventilation to blow more air into the sub floor. This is highly effective at expelling moist air from the underfloor area. Subfloor supply systems use two supply fans to suck in fresh, dry air but only use a single exhaust fan to remove moist air. The positive pressure created is great at pushing out the moisture and drying up damp areas. It’s also a good way to reduce odour that comes up through the subfloor area. The electricians at Blue Electrical offering our professional home ventilation installation service will ensure that your escape vent is adequate so moisture doesn’t end up being blown up into your living areas.


Balanced Pressure System

The third type of home ventilation system we install is a balanced pressure system. In this setup, one fan creates positive pressure by intaking dry air and an exhaust fan creates negative pressure as it outputs the stale, moist air from under the subfloor. This system is called balanced as air flow being taken in and expelled are the same. There are a number of benefits to this home ventilation system including its ability to quickly dry damp surfaces, reducing that stale smell and the possibility to impact the entire subfloor area with the one system.


Contact Us for Home Ventilation System Installation

If you’ve noticed slumping floors or have a musky smell inside your home, chances are you may have excessive moisture in your subfloor area. Don’t’ delay in fixing this issue or you could be putting the health of your loved ones at risk. Our licensed Master Electricians can help with all types of domestic electrical services including subfloor systems to help remove moisture and prevent the growth of mould or structural damage to your Brisbane northside or Sunshine Coast home. Blue Electrical are your local home ventilation installers with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. We have been helping local families with home ventilation system installation for a long time and are experts when it comes to solving even the most challenging moisture issues. With a team of highly qualified and professional electrical technicians we can easily and effectively install and wire up a new home ventilation system in your northside or Sunshine Coast home. For an obligation-free quote, please get in touch with our friendly team today and we’d be more than happy to help. Our phone number is 0423 627 680 or send us an email to