Emergency 24/7 After Hours Electrician

Blue Electrical provides quick response to emergency electrical issues for residential, commercial and industrial clients. We’re available 24/7 for after hours call outs and can help with all emergency electrical problems, including:

  • Power outages
  • Blow fuses
  • Lighting strikes
  • Swithboard failures
  • Lighting problems
  • Hot water issues

Experiencing Any of these Issues?

No Power?

Common causes of power outages are a blown fuse or safety switch trip. This can sometimes be caused by defective electrical appliances, which trigger a short. Overloaded circuits are another cause.

If you’ve lost power, get in touch with our friendly team now for immediate help!

Safety Switch Popped?

You should immediately contact an electrician if you hear loud popping sounds or if there is a burning odour. These are both signs of an electrical fault. It could also be arcing that causes a fire. Do not touch any electrical appliances and call our team immediately!

Powerpoint Smoking?

If you experience this, DO NOT try to turn off your appliance. Immediately call an electrician and DO NOT use any power outlet without a licensed electrician checking your home first. Contact Blue Electrical right away and we’ll send an electrician to inspect your electricity system right away

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