Pre Purchase Electrical Inspections

An electrical inspection will ensure your home or business’s wiring and other electrical components are in good working order and do not pose a hazard to yourself or your family.
Blue Electrical specialise in delivering professional electrical inspections for home and business owners across north Brisbane in areas such as North Lakes, Bongaree and Banksia Beach as well as the Sunshine Coast.

No matter whether you have recently completed construction work, purchased a property or you have a commercial electrical system that has the potential to be accessed by unauthorised personnel, an electrical inspection from Blue Electrical is a cost effective way to ensure that your wiring, switchboards, smoke alarms and other electrical systems are safe and efficient. Getting a pre-purchase electrical inspection could save you a lot of money down the track as it can help identify overlooked issues that an untrained eye can not see. By uncovering electrical shortcomings in a property you’re looking to buy, you could potentially gain an advantage and get more bargaining power to negotiate a lower price from the vendor.

If you’re after a pre-sale electrical safety inspection, you can’t go past the skilled Master Electricians at Blue Electrical. We service areas from North Brisbane up to the Sunshine Coast, including North Lakes and surrounding areas. All of our electrical inspections are carried out by a licensed electrician to ensure your future home or business has electrical systems installed that meet the Australian Standards.


What’s Involved in an Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection?

Research has shown that more than 20% of fires in Queensland occur due to electrical faults. That’s a big number, so don’t put your family or home at risk from an avoidable tragedy. Our electrical contractors are fully licensed and qualified to conduct electrical inspections and we are professional trained to ensure we identify any faults or hazards within your home or business. There are a number of steps involved in the process of an electrical checkup and our rigorous process includes procedures such as:

  • Inspection of all wiring throughout the house, including in the floor and roof spaces
  • Inspection of switchboards
  • AS3000 compliance checks on safety switches and RCDs
  • Inspection of all power points and switches for cracking or other signs of damage
  • A check of all lighting in the roof space and the clearance of beams over insulation
  • A thorough review of earthing systems
  • Testing and inspection of smoke detectors and alarms

After we complete our comprehensive pre-purchase electrical inspection, we will quickly compile a detailed report and email it to you. Our report will outline all faults and electrical hazards identified as well as providing an itemised quote for the works required to rectify the issues and bring your systems up to scratch.


What are the Benefits of a Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspection?

More and more homeowners in Brisbane, especially in and around North Lakes, are beginning to see the value of having a qualified electrical technician conduct a thorough inspection of a home or business they’re thinking about buying. There are numerous benefits to getting a pre-purchase electrical inspection from Blue Electrical. First of all, these inspections are useful to undertake before making a property purchase decision as they can help you locate any dangerous or faulty electrical components before you occupy your home. As they say, forewarned is forearmed, and without an electrical inspection before buying, you could be left to deal with costly issues alone. Therefore, it is crucial you are sure electrical systems in your future property are safe and fully functional before you make a decision to pay any money. Blue Electrical can help give you peace of mind that you are making the right decision about your future home by offering you a thorough evaluation of its electrical components.

Apart from ensuring the electrical elements in your proposed property work properly, electrical inspections also offer a host of other benefits such as:

  • Saving money from major electricity failures

Wear and tear can easily happen in electrical systems and this is particularly prevalent in North Lakes and other local areas. If you failed to get a thorough inspection by a local electricians and fix your systems before moving in, major damage including electrical fires could occur. Power surges could overload an incorrectly wired home and cause appliances to be damaged which could cost you a fortune. Invest in a pre-purchase electrical inspection done by professional electricians and you’ll save a lot of money down the line.

  • Keeping your family safe

A pre-purchase electrical inspection gives your property the all clear for occupancy for you and your family. Without having a local electrical technician give your home the once over, you could potentially be living in a dangerous timebomb with faulty wiring, malfunctioning switchboards or defective smoke alarms. By hiring a professional electrician to take a look at your property, all of this can be avoided.

  • Peace of mind

Having your electrical systems inspected is extremely important. Very often, electrical failures occur in homes with old wiring. If you have taken the right steps by having your property checked over by a professional electrical inspector, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will be safe from potentially fatal electrical faults.

  • Reduce inconvenience

If the power goes out due to a faulty electrical system, many essential appliances won’t work and this can result in mild discomfort. Hiring a professional electrician, such as Blue Electrical, to inspect your property before purchase can help avoid these issues in future.

  • Efficiency

People in Brisbane suburbs such as North Lakes and surrounding areas all rely on electricity for their everyday activities but this is often taken for granted. From lighting, cooking, heating, and cooling – you’ll need power. If your electrical is faulty and fails, appliances and wall plugs will stop working, leaving you annoyed and frustrated.


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When you work with Blue Electrical, you will receive a thorough pre-purchase electrical inspection for your home anywhere in North Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast. We will check all the relevant electrical features of your home and email you a full report upon completion. By working with us, you’ll get peace of mind and avoid expensive and dangerous electrical faults down the track.


Blue Electrical are your local electricians offering unbeatable value on electrical inspections in many Brisbane suburbs including North Lakes. We also go north up to the Sunshine Coast including Noosa and Caloundra. Our technicians are fully licensed, insured and experienced and we will provide you with excellent attention to detail and comprehensive reporting. Our pre-purchase electrical inspections are a must have for any future homeowner. Achieve peace of mind, save money and potentially increase your bargaining power before purchasing a property with a quality electrical inspection by Blue Electrical. Talk to our friendly staff today by calling us on 0423 627 680 or sending an email to