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The Most Common Electrical Problems in Construction

Electrical accidents are some of the most common hazards on construction sites. While it’s easy to spot electrical hazards, especially when it already happened. However, identifying the visible and invisible electrical issues present on a construction site can be a daunting task.

To stay safe on the construction site, workers need to understand the common electrical problems that are typical in their respective sectors. By identifying the most common electrical issues, workers can understand and avoid them.

1. Electrocution

Electrocution is one of the most common problems in the electrical sector. It happens when a worker unintentionally touches the live end of a wire. Alternatively, electrocution can also occur if one touches a live wire through the ground. This happens in areas where the soil is not adequately insulated.

Electrocution is a serious problem that can result in death. However, it can be prevented with the right electrical safety measures. That’s why workers are also required to work on power lines at least four meters away.

2. Damaged Equipment and Tools

Damaged tools, equipment and machinery, are some of the most common problems in the electrical industry. They are usually caused by the worker’s negligence and can result in damage, production loss and even death.

Electrical tools are usually damaged by improper storage. If left in open areas, these tools can degrade in quality. Tools can also be damaged by water and moisture. When a tool is not properly maintained, it can malfunction, which can be potentially fatal.

3. Improper Wiring

Another common electrical problem for construction sites is a poorly wired area. A poorly wired area can lead to many electrical problems, like accidents and damaged electrical equipment. Electrical accidents usually happen because of improper wiring. Even worse, they can lead to electrocution.

Poorly wired areas usually have damaged outlets and wires. Some areas are also missing electrical panels. These hazards can be avoided if proper electrical safety measures are implemented.

4. Poor Grounding

Poor grounding can be a problem that plagues construction sites. It happens when a connection is found between an electrical ground and a non-grounded cable. Not all electrical problems can be fixed on the spot. That’s why it’s important to identify possible ground problems and prevent risks of electrocution. 

5. Wet Spots

An electrical feature can turn into a huge fire hazard when it’s exposed to water. When exposed to water, electrical components can short circuit and cause an electrical fire. Electrocution also happens in this scenario because the ground cannot properly prevent it.

Water can be used to fix minor problems on the site. But, electricians should be present during the time to mitigate possible risks.

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Properly Maintaining Electrical Work in Construction Sites

Electrical accidents are some of the most common and dangerous in the construction industry. When electrical accidents happen, they can result in electrocution and even death. For this reason, it is important for workers to ensure that their worksite is properly grounded, the wires are properly installed, and the electrical equipment is properly maintained.

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