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Here Are the Most Common Electrical Problems at Home

Not everyone is an expert when it comes to electricity. However, it is essential to have some basic knowledge to make your home a little safer. Below are some of the most common electrical problems.

1. Electrical Surges

Electrical surges are widespread whenever a storm goes outside and may not be too big of a concern. These surges often occur whenever there is a loose link or a trip in the electrical system’s wiring.

However, if your house constantly experiences electrical surges, that is a cause for concern. Electrical surges can also ruin appliances and manipulate your electricity bill. If you have a constant electrical surge at your home, you should contact a professional for help.

2. Loose Sockets

You may notice that some of your sockets begin to spit out your plugs or that they never slide in place. Sometimes, you may even have trouble pushing your plug in because your socket seems not to allow it to come in.

Your sockets are not holding in the plugs because they have worn out and lost grip. This is easy to resolve simply by replacing the sockets with new ones. Allowing this to happen without changing it could result in a fire with your loose plugs or damage to your appliances and equipment.

3. Tripping Circuit Breaker

Does your electricity suddenly shut off when you try to use some of your appliances? When your electricity just stops working, this means that your circuit breaker has tripped. The tripping of a circuit breaker occurs when it is overloaded with appliances.

To solve this problem, you simply just need to stop using multiple high-powered appliances all at once. If possible, try to lower the setting of some appliances. If you need to use numerous appliances, spread them out and not use one socket or area.

4. Flickering Lights Due to Wind

You may have noticed that when it gets windy outside, your lights begin to flicker. While you can simply brush this off as an everyday occurrence, it should not happen. The reason why these lights flicker when it is windy is due to frayed wiring.

If you suspect that you have frayed wiring, you need to contact a professional electrician immediately. Frayed wiring is hazardous and a major cause of fire.

5. Electrical Bill Is Too High

You may think you are being cheated if your electrical bill is too high. However, often, this is because you are unaware of how much electricity you are consuming. Try switching to more energy-efficient appliances and minimising your electricity usage. You must also unplug things, especially when they are not in use.

Contact your electricity provider if you have made changes to lower your bill and it is still high. Ensure that they check your electrical meter and wiring to see correct. You can even ask for a breakdown of the meter reading if you want to be sure.


It is essential to be aware of these common issues you are experiencing with electricity. They are not everyday phenomena that should be left alone. If you feel like something is wrong or a little different with your electricity at home, immediately call a professional as it could be dangerous.

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