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Advantages of Different Types of Air Con Systems

With the Brisbane northside and the Sunshine Coast having hot, humid summers, installing a domestic air conditioner in your home will help you feel comfortable all your round. However, when deciding which air conditioning system to purchase for the first time or buy as a replacement, many people get confused with all the different options available. There are lots of considerations to take into account including the size of the area to heat or cool, how much you plan to spend and your home’s unique requirements. On top of that, you have to choose between different types of air conditioning units which complicates the issue further. One thing is for certain, the weather in north Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast isn’t getting any cooler and will only get hotter. Therefore, installing an air con system at your residence is definitely a good idea. Blue Electrical have put together this blog to outline the benefits of some different types of air conditioning systems and we hope it helps clear up some of the questions you may have so you can choose the best system for your home. And if you need a professional air conditioning specialist, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Advantages of Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted air con units will allow Brisbane and Sunshine Coast residents to cool their whole home instead of just one room. Our licensed and insured air con specialists can even install a system that lets you alter the temperature in different rooms at the same time. This helps create what named temperature-controlled zones or areas using wall-mounted sensors and a zone controller. Lots of our customers really enjoy the benefits of having a ducted air conditioner installed as this type of system provides cooling to their entire home. More and more new homes being built in north Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast are taking advantage of this type of air con, however if you have an older house, you might still be able to install a ducted system.


There are many benefits to installing a ducted air con system, including:



Some people don’t like the look of an air conditioner hanging off their windows The benefit of installing ducted air conditioning, is that they are almost invisible, except the vents in the ceiling.



One of the major pros of ducted aircon is you can control the temperature in each zone in your home. To save power, you don’t even have to cool your whole house. For example, if some rooms are not being used, it’s easy to switch off those zones to reduce electricity consumption.



Everyone knows that air conditioners have gotten a bad reputation for sucking up the power and being energy inefficient. That said, overall ducted air conditioning systems actually help you save money because there’s no need to install two or more systems to cool each zone.



If you’ve even had a window or wall mounted AC system, you would have experienced the never-ending humming of its compressor. Whilst most people don’t mid this, others find it very annoying and cannot concentrate with the drone in the background. However, with ducted air conditioning systems, this is not a problem as the ducts run through your home’s roof cavity.


Advantages of Split System Air Conditioners

Split system air conditioners are by far the most popular choice for homes in north Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, including North Lakes and surrounding suburbs. Many people like split system AC because they are affordable and not expensive. They are also a good choice because installation is quick.

These types of units are connected to a wall and have units split into two. The part you see inside is the fan coil which blows cold or warm air around the room whereas the bit outside is the condenser.


The pros of split system air conditioning include:



As previously mentioned, split type aircon systems are really quite affordable for most people. When compared to ducted air con, split systems come with a very afforable price and Blue Electrical can install it for you for an affordable price.


Quick Installation

Besides being extremely affordable, split systems are also very easy to install for professional air con specialist such as Blue Electrical. We can normally install it within a few hours.



The good thing about split system air con units is that you can install it in almost any room in your home and it doesn’t take up a large space. All you really need is an empty wall


Suits Most Homes

Unlike ducted system, split system AC are great for people with small homes and those who live in apartments or units. The space saving features of this type of unit, make it a great choice in these circumstances.


Advantages of Multi-Split System Air Conditioning Units

A different type of air conditioning many people on the Brisbane northside and Sunshine Coast consider is the multi-split kind. Using the basic split system idea, multi-split air con systems also have an indoor and outdoor unit. The difference is that instead of having only one indoor outlet, multi-split systems have multiple units which are all connected to the one outdoor unit. Although most multi-split systems are used for both heating and cooling, be careful because some units only cool. These types of systems are becoming extremely popular in many suburbs such as North Lakes and surrounding areas.


Advantages of multi-split system air con include:


Energy Efficient

It’s generally considered that multi-split air conditioning has decreased running costs and many people consider this type to be the most efficient system in terms of energy use as it powers many indoors units with only one exterior compressor.


Multiple Rooms

Many homeowners in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast like this setup because they have a large number of rooms in their house because it negates the need to purchase an external unit for each outlet.


Climate Control

Multi-split systems enable you to choose a temperature to suit every room which is great during our hot summer months.


Easy Upgrades

If you’ve planned ahead, it can also be quite easy to add additional indoor outlets in future.



Another benefit of multi-split systems is that the outdoor unit can be installed up to 15 metres distance away from the indoor units without capacity loss.



This kind of air con is also a lot more affordable than purchasing multiple single split systems. Furthermore, installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement of multi-split systems are also much more affordable.


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