Why Choose A Local Bribie Island Electrician?

Have you just typed “electrician near me” into Google? If so, you’re on the right path. There are many reasons why you should choose a licensed electrician from your local Bribie Island area. Not only will they be able to arrive sooner in an electrical emergency than electricians from further away, but they are also a valuable member of your local community. When trying to find the best electrician near you on Bribie Island, it pays to keep a few things in mind. If you’re looking to hire an electrician, make sure they’re fully licensed with many positive reviews online and ensure they specialise in the electrical services you’re after. Truly good local electricians are hard to come by nowadays, so if you want to find the best tradie on Bribie Island for your electrical repairs, please contact Blue Electrical today. We are the right electricians for your job and our tradespeople are professional, certified and passionate. We’ll ensure each and every task meets all electrical safely standards and is completed with the highest quality workmanship. For the best electrician services on Bribie Island, in Sandstone Point or anywhere else on the northside of Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast, please contact the Master Electricians at Blue Electrical today.


Licensed Local Electricians are a Must


It’s imperative that they electrician you engage for any residential or commercial work on your Bribie Island properties be licensed under the Electrical Safety Act. You should always have a licensed electrician performing electrical maintenance and repairs. It’s also extremely important that you ask for and check that their electrical contractor licence number is current before signing any contracts for services. The status of electrical contractor licence numbers can be checked on the Government’s Electrical Licence Search. If you suspect you’ve been the victim of illegal and dangerous unlicensed electrical work, report any non-compliance to the Electrical Safety Department here. Granting of an electrical contractor license is proof that the holder has undergone all the required training and has adequate experience to be qualified as a skilled electrician. Make sure the local Bribie Island electrician you choose is fully licensed before signing any documents. Blue Electrical staff members are all fully licensed and qualified electricians. On top of that, we are also certified Master Electricians meaning we undertake regular extra training and have committed to frequent continuing professional development. To work with Bribie Island’s most trustworthy electricians with over 20 years experience, please contact us today on 0423 627 680 or email admin@blueelectrical.com.au.


Insured Electricians Should be your First Choice


Your trusted local Bribie Island electrician should also be covered by insurances specific to the electrical industry and must always show you a Certificate of Compliance for any work they undertake on your buildings. Any electrician who provides evidence of insurance is a sure sign that they can be trusted. At the very minimum, a local Bribie Island electrician should possess insurance to cover homeowners and individuals in the case of any electrical defects or other problems. Public liability insurance is also a must and will cover you if an electrical accident occurs during the electrical repair service. For example, this will cover any incident where a person receives an electrical shock. Finally, every electrician must issue a Certificate of Compliance for all electrical work undertaken in Bribie Island homes. This important document is proof that the electrical tasks were completed to Australian Electrical Standards and are safe. Blue Electrical hold all the above electrical insurance and issue a legally binding Certificate of Compliance after each and every job. For the safest and highest quality electrical services by affordable electricians, please contact Blue Electrical today on 0423 627 680 or email admin@blueelectrical.com.au.


Look For Bribie Island Electricians with Positive Online Reviews

By looking over an electrician’s online reviews, you’ll be able to see other people’s opinions of their electrical services. When viewing the reviews of local Bribie Island electricians, it’s important to look at their star ratings first of all. Of course, a higher rating indicates many people have had a great experience with this local electrician. However, make sure that reviews are not made by the same person, other fake accounts or sound false as the high rating could be inflated. Also, look for the use of positive or negative words as this can give you an idea about the electrical service quality. Positive keywords, such as professional, on time or reliable and friendly are good signs. If many reviewers write things such as messy, late or not recommended it may be best to stay away from that electrical contractor.


Find A Local Bribie Island Sparky Offering Many Electrical Services

When looking for a local licensed electrician, you’ll want someone who offers a wide variety of electrical services which shows they have invested in their training and gained skills in many different areas. This is a great indication that this electrical technician is adaptable and should have no issues completing your specific job to a high standard. Generally, we’d recommend using an electrician who offers the following services:

24/7 Emergency Electrician
Domestic Electrical Repairs
Commercial Electrical Services
Air conditioning installation services
Solar system repairs and installs


Contact Bribie Islands Best Local Electricians

Blue Electrical are a team of professional electricians providing 24/7 emergency electrical service and maintenance work to residents and businesses all over Bribie Island and in Sandstone Point. We’re also available throughout North Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast at short notice. We have over 20 years experience and the ability to resolve whatever electrical problems you’re facing. Our licensed local electricians complete all jobs with the highest quality workmanship with a complete focus on electrical safety. For the best electrical repairs 24 hours a day, please contact the friendly team at Blue Electrical on 0423 627 680 or email admin@blueelectrical.com.au today!