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Air Conditioning 101: Can Electricians Install This for You?

During Summer, temperatures in South East Queensland are blistering, regularly topping the 35°C mark. This is definitely the time to take a dip in the swimming pool or battle the heat with ice-cold drinks by the beach. However, nothing beats having a hard-working air conditioning unit at home.

Skills may also come in handy at this time, especially for days that your air conditioning unit may suddenly stop working! After all, people nowadays watch videos online to learn how to mend things around the house. However, all electrical work, especially the installation or repair of an air-conditioning system, should be conducted by highly qualified personnel.

Getting Expert Help

In getting expert help, you must first check the credentials of your air-conditioning electrician or technician. A professional will make sure that the installation is finished swiftly and efficiently.

Choosing a handyman or DIYing it, may result in incorrect wiring and installation. Air conditioners use refrigerants to chill the air within, releasing huge volumes of fluorocarbons into the atmosphere. As a result, the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) needs a registered electrician or technician to install air conditioners.

Refrigerators contain dangerous fluorocarbons, which can leach into the environment. Anyone who works in the air conditioning or refrigeration industry must have an ARC license and have undergone authorised training.

What to Know About Installing an Air Conditioner

A qualified electrician or technician knowledgeable about air conditioning systems will determine the best position for a split-system air conditioner to maximise durability and efficiency. It’s natural to want to get the most out of your new air conditioning system, which is why it needs to be correctly installed.

The size of the split-system unit recommended by the electrician will be determined by the room’s layout, orientation, roofing insulation, and the number of windows. As hot air rises and cool air falls, positioning your air conditioner can help guarantee even air circulation.

The outdoor unit should be installed or placed on a solid surface to enable proper ventilation. It must be positioned in a convenient area for maintenance.

Granting ARC Approval

Avoid having to pay for ongoing repairs or an early replacement unit due to a poor installation.

You risk paying for frequent repairs, erroneous warranties, and possibly council violations if you do not choose a qualified air conditioning service and installer. Remember, only specialists are trained to service and repair fluorocarbon refrigerants in air conditioners.

Qualified individuals can obtain one of two types of licenses from the Australian Refrigeration Council. Licenses are required for installers. A full license is required to install systems larger than 18kW or service or repair air conditioners.

This will provide a consistent service experience and a professional installation process from start to finish.


Although installing an air conditioning system is a costly investment, cost-effective alternatives do not sacrifice quality. You want to maximise the longevity of your system and your investment, whether in a residential or commercial environment. Even if you have a limited budget, there is a model for you.

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