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5 Air Conditioning Signs That Mean You Need to Seek a Licensed Electrician

Many homeowners don’t notice that their air conditioner isn’t operating correctly. Yes, it’s an obvious symptom if you’re sweating while sitting on your couch and the air conditioning is turned on.

On the other hand, other signals are less obvious, but they might be crucial markers that require air conditioning repair or maintenance.

Higher Electricity Bills 

Heating and cooling a home can consume about half of a home’s electricity. As a result, electricity prices will climb during high usage periods. On the other hand, an exorbitant electrical bill could signify that your air conditioner isn’t working properly.


Leaks surrounding your air conditioner indicate you have a problem that must be resolved.

In other circumstances, it isn’t a major problem. It’s possible that if water is gathering or pouring near your air conditioner, it’s not because the air conditioner isn’t working but because the condensation drain tube is blocked. A licensed electrician can unblock the tube and treat it with a chemical to prevent rust or mould development from clogging and flooding.

In other circumstances, the dampness may result from a major leak. If you notice a refrigerant leak, call for an air conditioner repair. Leaks of refrigerant are hazardous to the environment and might endanger your family’s health.

Strange Odours 

Any unusual odour is unwelcome in your house, and if your air conditioner is to blame, it’s a nasty wake-up call. Some possible causes of the odour include:

  • An exhaust odour, such as that produced by a gas engine, can indicate a fluid leak.
  • A stench of filthy feet—known as “Dirty Sock Syndrome”—indicates that mildew or fungus is growing near your air conditioning unit. It could be caused by a block that prevents the moisture taken from the air from draining properly or mildew in the ducts and vents.
  • If your air conditioning system emits an unusual odour while running, don’t ignore it. It may not be a major concern, but expert air conditioning service by a licensed electrician may be required.

Weird Noises 

Some AC units are quieter than others, and older systems may be significantly louder than newer ones. If you begin to hear new, strange noises, it could indicate that your AC isn’t working properly.

A screeching sound indicates that a component in your air conditioner, such as a blower fan or compressor fan, needs to be serviced, while a whistling sound indicates a refrigerant leak. A grinding sound could indicate a significant AC compressor problem, resulting in a costly breakdown if the machine isn’t fixed at once.

Repeated clicking noises (probably an electrical problem), “thwapping” sounds (likely something in the blower fan), or noisy clanging and banging (the blower assembly is the likely cause) are other sounds that can indicate a problem.

Because air conditioners are sophisticated machines with many moving parts, they all create some noise. However, if the noises are unusual, it’s good to be proactive and schedule air conditioning servicing.

Weak or Warm Air from the Vent 

Warm air is taken from inside your home, transferred to the outside, and then cooled air is blown throughout the space. That’s a gross simplification of a complicated process, but it explains why poor airflow from a cooling vent might indicate various issues with an air conditioner.

Standing on a chair or ladder to check the airflow and feel the air coming out of your vent. If your air conditioner is discharging warm air, it could be due to a problem with the compressor or a sign that it is low on refrigerant. 

A filthy air filter in the return vent or the air handler, a frozen evaporator coil, air duct difficulties, or a fault with your blower fan could all be to blame if the air is cooler yet the airflow is poor.

Changing or cleaning a clogged air filter can assist, and it’s a task that most people can do on their own. However, consult a 24-hour electrician on the Sunshine Coast if you continue to have issues with a lack of airflow from the supply vent.


You can improve air conditioner efficiency and know when to schedule a residential electrician Sunshine Coast if you search for indicators that an air conditioner isn’t working properly, such as airflow, weird noises, aromas, and leaks.

Contact Blue Electrical if you require a 24-hour electrician on the Sunshine Coast or a licensed electrician for emergency electrical services today.